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miRNA annotation tools comparison

In summary: I will show which is the best miRNA mapping tool. I used 4 options for this benchmarking: miraligner from SeqBuster suit (I am one of the authors) bowtie2 and bowtie novoalign from novocraft suit GEM srnabench microrazer STAR miRExpress I think that … Continue reading

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miRNA annotation: complex scenarios

Everybody who is working with microRNA knows about miRBase, it was the first miRNA catalogue. Everybody is using it to annotate small RNA sequences as miRNA or not. And it is great, and very helpfully…but there are some cases that … Continue reading

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visualizing small RNA mapping complexity

I spent all my PhD working with small RNA sequences data. The main problem was, always those sequences that map in multiple locations, also denominated ambiguous sequences. From the very beginning, this made that pipelines remove this kind of sequences … Continue reading

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