depression, sleep, psychosis and decisions

This is my new section where I will post two lines of every post I found interesting to read each week.

my (neuro-)posts for this week are:

  1. Genes discovered to get easier new experiences and mindful actions into behavioral routine procedures
  2. Humans start to think about the future after 7 years old, before that we only care about the present
  3. Cortical thickness seems to be related to psychotic symptoms
  4. New markers for major depression, this time RNA markers, glad to see some advance in this diagnosis but getting a lot of criticism about sample size and technique.
  5. Found brain region related to deep sleep. Scientists got mice in deep sleep after activate that region

Have a nice reading


About lpantano

Post-doctoral fellow at IBB PhD in Biomedicine at UPF Msc in Bioinformatics for health science Bachelor in Biochemistry at UG
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