The sequencing impact

The previously unimaginable scale and economy of sequencing methods, coupled with their enthusiastic uptake by the scientific community and the potential for further improvements in accuracy and read length, suggest that these technologies are destined to make a huge and ongoing impact upon genomic and post-genomic biology. As an example of what this advent has influenced, the word ’sequencing’ has increased its ratio of occurrence from 22.3 times/year (before 2008) to 198.48 times/year (after 2008) in one of the most relevant journals: ’Science’. Furthermore, visualization of the sequencing relevance in the popular seqanswer forum ( shows the huge impact of sequencing in the bioinformatics tools development. The graphic has been created with the online resource wordle ( Words such as ’sequencing’, ’sequence’ and ’reads’ are well represented among the tools developed until now. The concepts more visible are directly related to the development of tools meant to solve the more difficult aspects of sequencing data analysis: ’alignment’, ’assembly’, ’mapping’ ,’resequencing’, ’data’, ’RNA-seq’ and so on.

Wordle of sequencing in seqanswer

Impact of sequencing technologies


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