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I do not stop repeating myself how mean human can be, and more nowadays. But, let me say something good of homo sapiens. Have you though a little bit the amount of data hold in the network? I though a lot, I think that I can not image it, it is like infinite for me. And even more, Have you imaged all people involved on all this information? given their time to post many things there…for free. I know that many get money from ads, but anyway it is free for us. I think it is the best thing that human is doing. I have learned Jaca, C , perl, python, statistics … anything that I wanted to know at any time, and it was always there: the answer, the explanation. I have to thanks ‘WWW’ because I could not do my PhD without it. My background is Biochemistry, and now I have a PhD in Bioinformatics, everything I learned it began with posts on internet. Lets do an easy example, khanacademy contains over 2400 classes. Only this space has delivered 76 mill of lectures, that´s in time is equivalent to 2000 years considering lectures of 15 minutes. This numbers is a lot of human lives, 71, taking into account that humans can learn during 20 years (considering 1/3 for sleeping and from the 20s to 80s). This is only taking one portal, can you image the number taking all on-line portals? so, if someone ignores something that wants to know….it is because she/he really does not wants to know it.


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Post-doctoral fellow at IBB PhD in Biomedicine at UPF Msc in Bioinformatics for health science Bachelor in Biochemistry at UG
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